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Barrel Aged Concoctions with Blaine Adams

Bourbon Whiskey. Oh, how we love to drink you. Barrel aged, highly curated and each unique in taste. Here at Barrel and Ashes, we are pretty excited about our Whiskey collection. We hate to brag but Bar Director Blaine Adams has put together an impressive collection of Whiskey, ranging from our very own hand-selected barrel aged whiskey to rare and discontinued bottles.

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No two aged barrels of whiskey tastes the same. The wood and the temperature are all factors that enhance the flavors of the aging whiskey. Which means, the six single, barrel-aged whiskeys (and counting) we have at Barrel and Ashes are completely unique to us. Unlike the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey you’d buy at the market, our hand-selected Buffalo Trace has a fruit note on the front and a more wood spice flavor profile on the back, making it a unique and distinctive whiskey exclusive to Barrel and Ashes.

If you’re not into whiskey, fear not, Blaine is also barrel aging cocktails. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Cocktails like the Manhattan are mixed and left to age in a barrel, balancing out the flavors and adding notes of wood to create an aged yet well-rounded cocktail.

Single Barrel Aged Wiskey

You think that’s cool? Keeping with our roots and making sure nothing goes to waste, Blaine takes staves (small rods of wood) and infuses it with flavors from the kitchen, such as leftover black pepper steak juice and aging it with a Manhattan. In the past, Blaine has infused staves with Amara and finished it off with brandy to create a unique take on a sidecar. He’s even gone as far as infusing the stave with pork fat and aging it with rum to create a pork fat aged rum.

Blaine is constantly stirring up new things at the Barrel & Ashes bar, be sure to stop by soon to try his newest concoctions.

Studio City Barrel Aged Cocktails

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