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Introducing Heritage Cocktails!

When we initially envisioned Barrel & Ashes we saw it as a cool neighborhood joint serving the best barbecue this side of Ventura Boulevard, with some killer cocktails to boot.

As all restaurants do, we have grown and evolved since the day we opened  and so has our bar program. Over time, we noticed that our featured cocktails consistently fell into two categories; the drinks our team developed in-house and our takes on the classics (aka the drinks you can order at any bar, anywhere).

So, we decided to split our cocktail menu into two new sections; House Cocktails and Heritage Cocktails. The Heritage Cocktails are our take on established drinks such as the Moscow mule, the old fashioned, and many more. They will all feature the Barrel & Ashes standard of ‘farm to cocktail’, showcasing a fresh and balanced approach to drinks. These are the drinks that have stood the test of time, trends, and many a late night.

These drinks are history, created by many a great bartender, and kept alive by those who order them over and over again. They’re our heritage, and we’re excited to share them with you.

To get us started, we wanted to include the recipe for one of our favorite cocktails; the Chet Baker, which is a take on a rum Manhattan.


The Chet Baker

1oz Mezan XO rum

1oz Appelton Signature rum

1/4oz honey syrup

1/4 oz Punt-e-mes vermouth

2 dash bitters

stirred on the rocks.

garnished with an orange twist.


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