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Introducing The 90s Cocktails!

The 90s are totally back at Barrel & Ashes! Our new selection of nostalgic cocktails were inspired by one of the most memorable decades. Follow along below for the run-down on how we are recreating those 90’s memories through cocktails.

Staved by the Bell - 90s Cocktails - Barrel & Ashes - Studio City Bar

Staved by the Bell
Oak stave aged rum blend, Demerara, Lime Oil, and Toasted Coconut Rum

Light, fun, refreshing and maybe after a few of these you might learn an important lesson about life or your friends. It’s a drink that’s familiar, yet new all at the same time. Be sure to tune in before it’s gone!

The Rachel - 90s Cocktails - Barrel & Ashes - Studio City Bar

The Rachel
Dimmi Liqueur, Campari, E. G. Gin

A barrel aged Negroni riff. It’s a quintessential classic that is coming back just like a certain hairstyle that helped define the 90’s. It’s bright, fun, and a little spunky—doesn’t hurt that it smells like roses too.

Y2K - 90s Cocktails - Barrel & Ashes - Studio City Bar

4 Roses, St. George Coffee Liqueur, Averna, Absinthe

It was the end of the world, but it wasn’t. This barrel aged New Orleans coffee riff will have your mouth prepping for the next sip. It’s not the end of the world but could be a nice end to your night.

No Scrubs - 90s Cocktails - Barrel & Ashes - Studio City Bar

No Scrubs
Belle Meade bourbon, Green Chartreuse, China-China

Just like the band who made this song famous, this cocktail is made with some TLC. It’s the latest version of our very first barrel-aged cocktail. Three simple ingredients, big on flavor, and an instant classic. Don’t go chasing waterfalls because all you need is right here.

These 90s cocktails are only around for a limited time. Join us at Barrel & Ashes soon, cheers!

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